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Böhm Fine Art offers a free valuation service for works of art and antiques, aimed at the sale. We buy oriental art, modern and contemporary art, design, sculptures, old paintings and antiques.


Evaluation and Estimates of Works of Art

Appraising a work of art or antiques means attributing a market value to the object in question for a possible sale. The valuation must be done by an expert, appraiser or antiquarian with several years of experience. Without an in-depth knowledge of works of art and the market, it is not possible to give an accurate evaluation.


Professionalism, deep knowledge and experience gained over years of work, are the keys to be able to offer a fair estimate to a work of art and express a commercial value that corresponds to reality, always referring to the current market.


When evaluating a work of art or an antique object, reference is always made to the art market and to the trends of collectors, therefore the value of a work may vary over time based on variables that do not belong to the work in question. These factors can only be assessed by a person with experience, sensitivity and knowledge of the art and antiques market


Böhm Fine Art has extensive experience in evaluating and quoting oriental art, modern art, contemporary art and design. The network of art experts who collaborate with us in various fields make accurate estimates of the works in your possession, and are able to accompany the client in the sales process after the evaluation.


The evaluation is free, if aimed at a sales purpose, without commitment or any constraint for your works; the evaluation is also very simple, professional and fast, just send photos and a brief description to our e-mail or to our WhatsApp contacts


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